Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning Activity #5

Review Questions

2.A force sets an object in motion.When the force is multiplied by the time of its application, we call the quantity impulse, which changes the momentum of an object.What do we call the quantity does this change?
Answer:Work The exertion of a force and the movement of something by that force makes it change.

Mechanical Energy
8.Exactly what is it that energy is capable of doing?
Answer:Mechanical Energy
12.Suppose an object is set sliding with a speed less than escape velocity on an infinite friction less plane in contact with the surface of the earth as shown.Describe its motion.(Will it slide forever at a constant velocity?Will it slide to a stop?In what way will its energy transfer be similar to that of a pendulum?
Answer:This means that the motion of said object which descending towards the surface or earth just like the movements of swing chair which move its swing repeatedly but its speed is not steady or permanent because its base upon the velocity or magnitude of the said object.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Learning Activities #4



1.Which has a greater momentum,a heavy truck at rest to a moving skateboard?
Answer:A moving skateboard


2.How does impulse differ from force?
Answer:Impulse is the product of the force acting on an object and the time during which it acts while force is any influence that can cause an object to be accelerated measured in neutrons.

4.What is the relationship of the impulse-momentum relationship to Newtons second law?
Answer:The time interval of impulse is buried in the term for acceleration and helps to analyze a variety of circumstances where momentum is change.


9.Why might a wine glass survive a fall onto a carpeted floor but not into a concrete floor?
Answer:A wine glass survive a fall unto a carpeted floor not in a concrete because the carpeted floor with give allows for a longer time of impact and therefore a lesser force of impact force over along time to provide the required impulse to reduce the momentum of fall.


14.Which undergoes the greater change in momentum;
1)A moving object brought to rest 2)the same object projected from rest to he speed it had before ;3)the same moving object brought to rest and then projected backward to its original speed?
Answer:a moving object brought to rest


2.In terms of impulse and momentum,why are padded dashboard safer in automobiles
Answer:A person sitting inside an automobile pushing against the dashboard has no effect in changing the momentum of the automobile because these forces are are interval forces that forces that act and react within the objects themselves. An outside or external force acting
IN the baseball or automobiles is required for a change in momentum.If no external force is present,then no change in momentum is possible.

8.Why is a punch move forceful with a bare first than with a boxing gloves?
Answer:In both cases the impulses by the boxers jaw reduces the momentum of the punch A) a boxer is moving away when the gloves hits,thereby extending the time of contact.Much of the impulses therefore involves time.B.The boxer is moving into the glove,thereby lessening the time of contact.Much of the impulses therefore involves force.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning Activities#3



2.Clearly distinguish among Mass,Weight and Volume?

Answer:Mass is a measure of quantity of matter in an object while weight is the force upon an object due to gravity and these volume is the space occupied by the object.

5.What kind of path would the planets follow if suddenly no force acted on them?

Answer:Straight line path off into space

When acceleration is Zero-Equilibrium

13. Consider a book that weighs 15N at rest on a flat table.How many newtons of support force does the table provide?What is the net force on the book in this case?

Answer:15n of support force the table provide.The table pushes up on the book with as much force as downward force of gravity on the book, so the net force on the book is zero.

20.What is meant by free fall?

Answer:Free fall is that when there is only force of gravity that acts, on which is the weight that is when air resistance and the like are negligible.

2.Drop a sheet of paper and a coin at the same time.Which reaches the ground first?Why?Now crumple the paper into a small tight wad and again drop it with the coin.Explain the difference observed.Will they fall together if dropped from a second-,third-, or fourth-story window?Try it and explain your observations.

Answer:When we drop a sheet of paper and a coin at the same time,the coin dropped first in all move we done from first to fourth,then on the second move which we crumpled paper they fall together until the fourth story window because on the first move there is a present of air resistance which is on the paper we call it as free fall that's why a coin dropped first while on the second move there is none air present that's the reason why it dropped together.

5.The net force acting on an an object and the resulting net force are always in the same direction .You can demonstrate this with a spool.If the spool is pulled horizontally to the right, in which direction will it roll?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learning Activities#2



3. Contrast the relationship between the earth and sun as seen by Aristotle and by Copernicus?

Answer: According to Copernicus and Aristotle from their astronomical observations that the earth travelled around the sun.


4. What did Galileo discover in his legendary experiment on the leaning tower?

Answer: Galileo discovered that a stone twice as heavy as another did not fall twice as fast, except for the small effect of air resistance, he found that objects of various weights, when released at the same time, feel together and hit the ground at the same time.


6. What does it mean to say an object has inertia?Give example.

Answer:A property of a moving object to continue moving,it means it has inertia.


10. What is the average speed of a horse that gallops a distance of 15 km in a time of 3o min.?

Answer: s=d/t


12. Distinguish between speed and velocity?

Answer: Speed is a combination of distance and time while velocity describes speed and the direction of motion.


15. Distinguish between velocity and acceleration?

Answer: When we say velocity there is speed and the direction of motion while acceleration we can change velocity of something by changing its speed by changing its direction or by changing both its speed and its direction or the rate of change in velocity.

16. What is the acceleration of a car that increases its velocity from 0-100 km/h in 10 s?

Answer: A=100 km/h
10 s

A= 10 km/h/s


27. What is a distance fallen for a freely falling object 5 s after being dropped from a rest position?What is its 6 s after?

Answer: v=gt g=(10 m/s) (6 s) v=gt
v= 50(5) g= 60 m/s2 v= (60 m/s2) (6 s)
v= 250 m/s v= 360 m/s


4. One airplane travels due north at 300 km/h while another travels due south at 300 km/h? Are their speeds the same? Are their velocities the same? Explain.

Answer: Yes, they have the same speed but they have opposite velocities.
Because it moves it in an opposite direction.

8. If you were standing in an enclosed car moving at constant velocity, would you have to lean in some special way to compensate for the cars motion? What if the car where moving with a unchanging acceleration? Explain.

Answer:No, Because the car was moving with unchanging acceleration you can't easily stop the car because of its speed.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning activity#1


12.Why are students of the arts encouraged to learn about science and science students encouraged to learn about the arts?

Answer:Students of the arts are encouraged to learn about science as well as science students are encouraged to learn about the arts because they both need the knowledge of arts and sciences that makes for a wholeness that affects the way we view the world and the decisions we make about it and ourselves.By having a knowledge of both provide us with a way of connecting things,of seeing relationships between and among them,and of making sense of natural events around us.

13.Why do many people believe they must choose between science and religion?

Answer:Many people believe they must choose between science and religion to the point that we are either uninformed or misinformed about the deeper natures of both science and religion.So we need to have a shallow understanding to both of these to understand that there is no contradiction in being religious and being scientific in one's thinking.

14.Clearly distinguish between Science and Technology?

ANSWER:Science has to do with discovering evidence and relationships for observable phenomena in nature and with establishing theories that organize and make sense of those phenomena while technology has to do with tools,techniques,and procedures for putting the findings of science to use.Other difference is the effect on human lives wherein science excludes human factor while technology must be humanistic in the sense that the purpose of technology is to serve people in general and future generations to lead a better world. EXAMPLE: Darwin's theory of evolution that shock people but even an unpleasant truth is likely to be useful besides we don't have to refuse it to believe, also with technology but the thing is we gain advantage of having it.


15.OF physics,chemistry,and biology,which science is the least complex? The most complex?(At your school,which of these is the "easiest"and which is the "hardest"as a science course?

ANSWER:Biology is the least complex,Physics is the hardest and most complex.Chemistry is in the middle.

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